10 Benefits Of Facebook Ads To Business Growth

Have you heard the claim that social media advertising fails to provide results? Or that the development of alternative social media platforms has rendered Facebook ads obsolete?

Then reconsider. Here are only ten good reasons to use Facebook in your marketing strategy to help your business grow.

Facebook is currently one of the most popular marketing platforms on the planet.  The social media leviathan expanded its publicity network to include a variety of businesses as it grew to more than 2.7 billion active members. However, paid advertising does have a lot of complexities.

While there are many benefits to advertising on Facebook that are obvious, Before you can see how Facebook might help you reach new audiences, it’s critical to understand the business advertising possibilities. We have produced this article to help you comprehend and benefit from Facebook’s advertising features.

10 Benefits Of Facebook Ads To Business Growth

Availability to a Larger Audience

Unquestionably, Facebook is an excellent tool for business advertising. Facebook has more than 2.6 billion users worldwide as of 2020, according to Statista. This means that a sizable audience of all demographics can be reached. Because Facebook draws users from all eras, you can locate your ideal audience profile regardless of who your business targets.

Associating With Both B2B and B2C companies

You could believe that Facebook advertising is limited to B2C companies. The fact that B2B companies launch Facebook advertisements and devote 74% more of their time to the platform than any other is startling. Be sophisticated when utilizing Facebook because the B2B industry is cutthroat.

You do stand a chance of success with the right targeting, ad structure, messaging, and off-Facebook user experience on your website. When they leave the workplace or log on to the internet to get a snack in between meetings, B2B targets frequently forget that they are still targets.

They are not distinct from one another. You can keep coming up with their thoughts by retargeting them on Facebook. The following Facebook segments are ideal for B2B when it involves reaching new users: company’s name, Title of employment, the field of employment, area of interest, size of employer, and business travelers.

Full-Funnel engagement and multimodal targeting

The only platform that supports users at any point in their engagement journey is Facebook. Its targeting choices, measurement options, and ad formats fit very well with any marketing approach. Regardless of whether a consumer is at the top or bottom of the funnel, it is useful. Facebook’s sponsored stories, video advertising, and carousel ads are efficient ways to grab someone’s attention at the awareness stage without being overly intrusive.

The opportunity for you to engage them with enticing images and original material that delivers value exists even if the user chooses not to heed your message. Not portraying benefits is the objective. Users will be inspired to perform additional research by displaying something captivating when the time is perfect.

There are six advantages to using Facebook marketing solutions to reach customers in the middle of the funnel (i.e., those in the consideration phase). Additionally, they enable you to engage Facebook users and encourage non-Facebook actions, including visitors interacting with your website’s content.

Facebook is the best platform for you if increasing website traffic is your major goal. Transaction-focused marketers stand to gain. Utilize the Facebook-provided custom buttons to enhance your advertisements.

Transparency with audience

Several programmatic networks offer similar audience targeting options, but Facebook’s reach is quite transparent. Because you choose your target market, your company has great control and transparency. Target customers that share your hobbies or who are friends with your fans.

By segmenting your campaign on Facebook based on these recognized audience groups, you can gain insights while other platforms automatically optimize. A campaign can perform well in any scenario.

Psychologically-based targeting

One’s lifestyle and purchasing requirements cannot be predicted solely by demographics. On Facebook, targeting can be carried out based on interests, life events, habits, or hobbies.

By doing this, you can target your marketing campaigns more precisely and ensure that your digital strategy and offline techniques use the same behavioral parameters for all your marketing platforms.

Targeting your Competitor’s Audience 

You can find an audience that shares your competitors’ interests by looking at self-reported data, but you cannot directly target your competitors’ audience.

The settings’ most recent update can determine this. By creating a custom audience of consumers interested in 20+ well-known companies, one may easily reach thousands of users without paying costs for audience profiles that may be required on other platforms. Chasing certain audiences is a good strategy.

Format options

Facebook distinguishes itself from other social media networks by offering ten ad formats. Each level of the target marketing funnel has a variety of alternatives, with photos and videos being the most popular. Several ad formats include some text and visual components, giving you a fantastic opportunity to introduce and market your company. A sponsored post is a noteworthy ad format if your company permits third parties to post their feeds.

A user-generated post that you boost will undoubtedly encourage more user interaction on your feed. It performs better than advertisements with a specific goal since people can recognize it more quickly. People perceive it as non-defensive, therefore it is natural.

Drive customers to the website immediately

Many of Facebook’s ad alternatives offer the ability to direct referral traffic to your company’s website. Most people log into Facebook intending to browse the site’s content.
If the advertisement is intriguing and extremely relevant, the visitor will be persuaded to leave Facebook and visit your website.

Performance is measured.

Even though it might seem clear, Facebook lets you report on different metrics. Different ad formats require different metrics. Users’ actions both before and after they leave Facebook are taken into account in these measures: reach ad engagements, sales, and profits.
Your website’s “Facebook pixel” installation allows you to track conversion metrics and automatically optimize campaigns. Without it, Facebook won’t be able to identify the user profiles that convert the best and might keep showing the same users the same advertisements for the duration of the campaign.

Engage the audience you already have

Growing your fan base is one of Facebook marketing’s key advantages. It’s crucial to increase site engagement, referral traffic, and conversion. Additionally, it’s critical to keep your Facebook audiences by engaging with them frequently. Think of your Facebook presence as an additional website or a virtual branch of your company.

If you are not active on your website, people eventually lose interest in interacting with you. They need to be reminded of you frequently and given fresh justifications for doing so. Facebook’s goal is always to increase its fan base and engage its current customers with engaging updates.



Facebook ads help businesses grow, and we believe these benefits will encourage you to engage in this digital marketing strategy. However, Facebook ads require strategic positioning and steps. At Philians, we pride ourselves on developing result-oriented ads. Contact us today and let’s get started.