After doing extensive research, I have found the best marketing tools that will help you in your email marketing journey. Convertbox, Constant Contact, and ClickUp are highly recommended email marketing tools for 2022.

How impactful is email marketing?

Email marketing is the practice of dispersing nurturing and educational content to a group of customers or potential customers who have voluntarily provided their email addresses.  Email is a great channel because it can be scheduled to regularly deliver fresh, insightful content to the customer’s inbox. Cold emailing, which is more of a sales tactic than a marketing tactic, is distinct from email marketing.


The practice of mass emailing is no longer used because email marketing has such a strong impact and customers expect to feel important when they receive emails from you.  Based on customer interests and company characteristics like industry, a modern marketer divides their customer base into segments and sends out personalized messages to each segment. 


Different marketing tools have been developed to enhance the reach of marketers and their audiences. So here are 12 marketing tools that I recommend.


The majority of email marketing platforms offer standalone analytics. Using the project management tool ClickUp, you can import your KPI metrics into the platform, import goals for your email marketing strategy, and send emails.Then, you can keep an eye on your outcomes alongside your project management dashboard.  This will enable you to spot potential areas for strategy and email workflow adjustments. For instance, you’ll need to reassemble to improve the procedure if your team isn’t correctly completing your email marketing tasks. 



You can make, modify, and optimize marketing emails using Hubspot Email Marketing Software. With their drag-and-drop editor, for instance, you can quickly add calls-to-action, include photos, and modify the layout.  You can improve your email marketing by using A/B tests and statistics to see which subject lines get the most clicks. 


Hubspot is both user friendly and visually appealing, its famous orange templates and the platform were well designed.



Zoho’s email marketing tool is excellent in my opinion because it is merely a small portion of the company’s robust cloud platform. For small businesses, Zoho offers a wide range of services at reasonable prices, including email, CRM, documents, and HR management. You can use a drag-and-drop email editor to create dynamic, personalized emails using Zoho’s Campaigns. Workflows can be used in conjunction with Zoho or a third-party CRM to automate customer communications and track data into an integrated Zoho.


Constant Contact

Do not overlook Constant Contact.  They offer a high email delivery rate, which is necessary to ensure that your emails are actually read and do not end up in spam. Additionally, you can send emails to a big list and run several email campaigns each month. Additionally, Constant Contact offers templates for specific sectors, like real estate, that you can use for promotions, events, newsletters, and more.

When it comes to locating emails and connecting with people who are important to your business, Hunter is one of the best tools. Hunter has a wide range of applications, such as powerful lead generation, finding the right contacts, cleaning email lists to ensure high deliverability, automating outreach campaigns, analyzing campaign performance, and many more.


In addition to its effective email finding feature, Hunter is a pioneer in email address verification, a step that should no longer be skipped in the modern world. When it comes to classifying emails as spam, email clients and servers are more stringent than ever. Low deliverability, which harms your sender’s reputation, is one of the reasons your emails are labeled as spam. You get the idea: the worse the sender’s reputation, the more likely it is that your emails will bounce or end up in a spam inbox. 


Before sending any emails, we make sure to verify if the emails are valid to ensure the highest deliverability. Also, keep in mind that people change companies and email addresses which means that email lists always change. To keep up with the change, it is crucial to clean your email lists periodically and that is what Hunter does the best. 



Have you ever had trouble deciding when to send your email campaign? Have you ever questioned whether anyone reads your emails? Both issues are resolved by Mixmax. With its excellent software, you can run large-scale email campaigns, schedule emails for recipients at the most effective times, and monitor opening rates.  It fully informs you of your audience thanks to its analysis. You can enhance your campaigns to get even better results and higher opening rates by conducting effective A/B testing of the subject lines.


Senders.Net is a fairly trustworthy marketing tool, and all marketers ought to use it. is a crucial marketing tool if email marketing makes up a large portion of your promotional activities. offers helpful campaign insights, automated email funnels, and subscriber management tools in addition to enabling you to create custom newsletters without any coding. It’s very user-friendly because it enables you to send thousands of emails in a matter of clicks without the need for technical expertise.’s email marketing platform gives you all the tools you need to create and distribute the best emails for your advertising and sales campaigns.  Even if you are not an HTML expert, you and your team can quickly and easily create visually stunning emails using its drag-and-drop email editor.



Even though emailing is a dated marketing strategy, businesses can still benefit from it. For good reason, Sendinblue is the top email marketing tool for businesses. An all-in-one email platform called Sendinblue provides crucial email marketing features.  Additionally, it offers a CRM management tool, the ability to advertise via SMS, integration of Facebook campaign management, etc.


Sendinblue offers a variety of campaign layout templates for both novice and experienced users, as well as sophisticated reports. You are able to send up to 300 emails per day using its free template. Sendinblue provides Facebook ad management, contact segmentation, integrated CRM, shared inbox, live chat, transactional emails, landing pages, and subscription forms in addition to email and SMS marketing. 



Drip, in contrast to other email marketing tools, is made for e-commerce companies. Its standard operating procedures are identical to those that any independent online retailer would use, and they include touchpoints like discounts, after-sale campaigns, and reminders for abandoned shopping carts. The main e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce, can be integrated with Drip, which makes focusing your marketing campaigns a breeze.


It has all of the other features you’d anticipate from an email marketing platform, with the exception of transactional emails and a newsletter editor. Utilizing countdown timers and tracking customer activity are two examples of this.  Additionally, it integrates with countless other apps, ensuring that your marketing data and strategies are always in sync.

As the email service used by well-known brands like TEDx, Vogue, and Domino’s, Moosend is one of the best email marketing tools, in my opinion.  Users adore the price to feature ratio, praising the wealth of features for a small portion of the cost of typical competitors.



ConvertBox is one of the best email marketing tools I’ve started utilizing in 2022. I adore how you can specifically target your ConvertBox popup advertisements to people based on who they are or what page of your website they are on. For instance, my slide-out pop-up via ConvertBox only appears when a reader is reading one of my blog posts with the word content in the URL. It advertises my lead magnet asset.



One of the most cutting-edge platforms for improving your email marketing is provided by Klaviyo. For example, brick-and-mortar retailers may not deal with issues like abandoned shopping carts, restrictions on customer interaction, and post-purchase additional purchases, which all require specialized campaigns to address.  The challenges faced by many e-commerce businesses are best addressed by Klaviyo, thanks to its automated abandoned cart flows and follow-ups, “welcome” flows that allow for customized engagement to increase open and click rates, and its upsell features.