5 Email Personalization Strategies

Personalization in email marketing campaigns is using a subscriber’s data within your email contact to make tailored content for each recipient.

Contrary to popular belief, email personalization does not end at addressing your subscriber by their first names. It involves sending out valuable, time-bound content that your subscriber can’t resist. You can use data from a name to a birthday to shopping preferences.

The purpose of email personalization is to make your subscribers feel like very important persons (VIPs), and not ordinary email addresses in your database. Our team of email marketing experts researched the various ways to personalize email marketing, and we will share that with you in this article.

5 Ways To Personalize Your Email Marketing

1. Segment Your Email List.

Segmentation is an important strategy in email personalization as it is the foundation of making your email marketing sound personal. This is the process of grouping your email list into different sections that have one or two things in common.

A few examples include:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Position held at work

The criteria for your email list segmentation depend on your business niche goals for the email marketing campaign.

Your subscriber will feel like you know them personally when you use their data in your marketing write-up.

This will result in them connecting to your email, engaging with it, and hopefully, completing the action you require of them.

 2. Personalize Your HeadLine

Research shows that your clients – potential or existing – are 29% likely to open an email with their names on it. This study shows that email personalization generates six times sales rates. It is also one of the quickest and easiest ways to capture your customers’ attention and make them feel important.

Although this personalization strategy might sound old, it is still one of the most useful and trusted strategies for brands and marketers.

3. Make use of a Conversational Tone

Having planned content is the foundation of a successful email marketing campaign and personalizing your email campaign is by knowing how to structure your already planned content.

Sometimes, Marketers try to sound more formal or sophisticated in their email marketing approach instead of friendly and conversational – the tone of your message matters a lot. However, the tone of your message shouldn’t be too informal but it is necessary that your tone makes your reader comfortable and engaged in your message.

The best way to achieve this is to write as you would do to a friend of yours. Let it sound like some kind of chit-chat. You can even use emojis to make it more relaxing to read. The solemn truth is that people would prefer to read emails that sound more friendly than sophisticated or serious.

4. Add Some Humor to Your Emails

Apart from making use of emojis in your emails, another way to personalize your email campaign is by adding some humor or well-loved puns.

Would you agree with me that this is how a friendly chit-chat would definitely sound? Full of humor, right?

Though fashion retailers and marketers are beginning to catch on to this very good trend. Brands now sound more like human beings than some artificial intelligence machine. They present themselves to be more approachable, which helps them to build trust and better relationships with their audiences.

Email personalization makes it easier for you to trap your audience to the extent that they will be willing to share your emails with their friends or close relatives.

5. Send Your Emails in a Timely Manner

Email personalization may be about the headline, humor, friendly approach, etc but have you thought about the damage of sending the wrong message at the right time or vice versa?

Well, technology has made this work a lot easier through marketing automation tools. Many businesses are getting things done with so many affordable marketing automation tools or platforms on the market.

Always be on the watch out for prospects who requested a demo, visited your pricing page, engaged your email, and visited your social media page(s). Then, use those signals to create intelligent automated messages that’d make these prospects feel like you’re relating with them on a one-to-one basis.


So many business owners don’t have the time to send one-off emails to their prospects daily, which is the importance of marketing automation tools and platforms.

These automation tools or platforms help you to put the processes in place to ensure that your outreach is nurturing leads through your sales funnel and never letting prospective customers fall through the cracks.

Personalizing your email marketing campaign is key to getting noticed in the overcrowded inbox. Using the tips mentioned above, you can increase the odds that your prospects will open and engage with your emails – even when their inboxes are flooded.


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