How to Become A Successful Twitter Influencer in Nigeria

Being among the first social networks still in use, Twitter has a very famous past. Twitter has played a significant role in this history as a piece news, thought-leadership, and political debate hub. 

Twitter is a platform where users can engage with marketers while also looking for product insights, much like its more modern competitors.  This network, in my opinion, has a role in the development of influencer marketing.

Honestly, everyone strives to become a Twitter influencer to gain greater popularity. You might succeed in establishing yourself as an influential person.  However, I have some quick and effective tips to help you optimize your chances of having a significant impact on Twitter. Twitter is currently not the largest social media site.

Nevertheless, there are approximately 400 million active monthly users. Almost all contemporary businesses use Twitter actively to sell their products and increase conversion. You may be considering becoming a successful Twitter influencer. When used wisely, this platform can have a significant marketing impact.

Twitter can increase your audience reach with a sound approach, giving you a significant online presence. Increasing this presence converts more effectively with a focused audience. Random audiences rarely convert and have low engagement levels (retweets, likes, and comments).

Now, let’s look at how to be successful as a Twitter influencer.

Guide To Becoming a Successful Twitter Influencer in Nigeria

Here are a few strategies to guide you on the journey of becoming a successful Twitter influencer in Nigeria:

  • You may become a trustworthy Twitter influencer by producing interesting content.
  • Branding your hashtag is a Twitter secret tip.
  • Engage a community by integrating
  • Include infographics into your content
  • Investigate more macro- and micro-influencers
  • Use animated gifs and emojis to inspire action
  • Add a pinned tweet to your profile.
  • Making videos will help you gain Twitter influence.
  • Regular posting


Step 1: Creating interesting content can help you become a reputable Twitter influencer.

Who is a Twitter influencer?

A Twitter influencer is someone who can attract large audiences, actively engage the community, and can share information regarding the content.

When I started learning certain lessons, I figured out what works best on Twitter. According to statistics, interesting content increases organic reach by 200% and audience engagement rate by 200%.

Even interesting content naturally creates several touchpoints without the need for manual effort. It significantly raises the engagement rate.

Telling a personal story is the only way to get an engagement. A personal story in content boosts audience engagement by roughly 210%.

When compared, pure content won’t accomplish as much. If you want to start as a Twitter influencer, it’s ideal for embedding your own story and piquing people’s interest with it.

Step 2: Brand your Hashtag – A Twitter insider trick

As I began to notice changes, marketing authorities began to pay attention to me. People like me.

This demonstrates how what you do affects what comes after you. I have a great story to tell about that.

Making adjustments matters, even though it can be challenging to do so as a Twitter influencer. Every industry experiences new trends, yet employing hashtags for your content still has significance.

You must understand this for organic reach because doing so will increase your production tenfold. The way influencers or marketers tweet content has altered more than once in the past few months.

Even if you might not have noticed, it’s okay. Consider for a second that over 50% of micro-influencers are utilizing these trends.

Why don’t you follow suit? I research this for every industry, particularly when I’m drafting a piece.

That’s a simple explanation. By this point, every micro and macro influencer is using the trend.

Here is an example of how to use a hashtag in the new style. As a new Twitter influencer, you might find it useful.

You may learn how to do #SEO and #searchengine optimization in this article to increase #traffic.

Use the hashtags between the words rather than below your material.

In this approach, the substance is revealed even more. If you want to view hashtags that are pertinent to your industry.

By using this tool, hashtagforlikes, you’ll be guided toward comprehending the relevant hashtags for your business.

Therefore, if you’re considering how to do everything yourself

Damn… Simply inputting the keyword into the box is all that is required.

The algorithm will then retrieve the appropriate hashtags for your sector but if that failed, then, leverage the paid version.


Step 3: Integrate infographics into your content

Understanding the system will enable you to quickly overcome obstacles on Twitter. You don’t have to be an expert to do this.

That might not matter in this case.

Learning aids you in creating adjustments, even if you’re a beginning, student, or novice.

The adjustments you didn’t make as a result of your blunders are the true treat, not the faults you made in the past.

Consider that for a second.

What about your changes as a result of the mistakes you make?

For me, it would be preferable to adore making mistakes if doing so might help me improve.

Infographics are the way to go because they increase audience engagement and increase your influence.

Even though you didn’t study how to be a graphic designer in school, you are not required to be one.

Canva can still assist in turning your ideas into something tangible.

Infographic-based content offers a 6X higher user engagement rate, according to research.

So if you’re the kind who’s just getting started (Twitter influencer).

Every post should include an infographic to boost retweet rates to 30%.


Step 4: Get involved in the community

Most Twitter influencers stay on this platform exclusively.

Only a few of these influencers appear to contribute to additional internet touchpoints, as far as I can tell.

If that’s not your thing, as a potential twitter influencer, you don’t have to rely on it.

You can still take an interest in the group of your peers, or even wander onto Twitter.

Okay! What do you know?

I will demonstrate that effective technique,

Hold on a second. I advised you to interact with your community at that time.

With your hooks, I meant to network.

Indeed, this is not Facebook, where you can use a different fan page.

No! That is not how Twitter operates.

If yes, how do you think you can use Twitter to increase your authority and the following count?

Look for the hashtags that are popular at that time.


Step 5: Research more macro- and micro-influencers

You must take this action since, as someone who is still learning how to be a Twitter influencer, it could quickly alter your strategy.

Nigerian micro-influencers on Twitter are showing a new pattern.

My research shows that when using hot subjects and hashtags, a micro twitter influencer in Nigeria has an engagement ratio of 0.01%.

A 0.07 engagement rate for trending material is acceptable for a macro Twitter influencer in Nigeria.

One thing, though: A micro Twitter influencer may have more engaged followers than a large Twitter influencer.

One reason is that I don’t place much value on followers and would rather stick with the micro-influencers on Twitter

and have a lot of active followers.

Rarely will random followers engage with me on my offers.

Therefore, having followers who convert is ideal for your marketing plan.

Now, if you want to jump from being a nobody to a micro-twitter influencer, look for topics that are currently hot that relate to your hook.

If at all possible, make a brilliant comment. Use images to increase engagement.

With it, you may increase a Twitter profile’s quick conversion rate to 2% even if you are a complete unknown.


Step 6: To increase conversion, use GIFs and emojis.

Emoji and GIF use enhances the emotion and increases conversion.

Even practically all marketers and brands employ this to some level.

It can increase conversions for your offer.

Consider that for a second.

Let’s say you create fantastic content and add direction to it with emojis.

It explains to your viewers what action to do and the emotional condition that led to the creation of the content.

Step 7. Pin the tweet to your profile.

A pinned tweet serves as a good retargeting tool for a Twitter influencer.

For many touchpoints, more than 85% of companies and influencers affix a tweet to their profile.

Of course, it aids in attracting potential promoters.

The issue is this.

Imagine that a new promoter finds your profile as his first search result.

The posts come after reading your profile’s description.

And you get votes if the post is really helpful (likes, retweets, comments, and followers).


Step 8: Create videos to become a Twitter influencer.

A Twitter video has trims available.

A four-minute video is uncommon.

How are you going to engage the audience?

The video is straightforward and actionable because of its opening two rhythms.

A call to action and a sense of intrigue are developed toward the end.


Step 9: Repeatedly post

It matters when you post and what you post.

A Twitter influencer that posts more frequently than their competitors produces more leads and conversions.

Since I’m attempting to master it, I am aware of how challenging it may be.

A Twitter influencer should be able to create content every day, for starters.

You must keep your audience informed and stimulate their thinking.

If not, they might distract you, which is bad for you.

However, if you can do it at all costs, you won’t have too much trouble becoming a successful Twitter influencer.

Depending on your commission rate, you can make at least 200,000 Naira or more each month on Twitter.



You need to constantly be prepared for obstacles and problems if you want to be a successful Twitter influencer.

It’s impossible to suddenly gain a particular amount of followers; it takes time.

Consistency is key, as is wise optimization.